Favorite drink? Alcoholic? and Virgin?

Danny: White Russian. The dude abides. Haha, but not during a gig, that'd be a problem. Virgin? Recently, I've been stuck on coconut water.

Nick: Ciroc in all colors, shapes and sizes. Virgin, I'd have to go with Chocolate Orgain. Its has tons of stuff in it thats good for you. I just don't recommend drinking it right before Ciroc. That could be a bubble gut recipe.

Scariest groupie moments?

Danny: Never really had anything too terrifying but there were some crazies last time we visited China. They didn't speak any English so I wasn't sure if I should be flattered or frightened.

Nick: I have a scary moment any time a girl approaches the booth and dwarfs me. Something about overly tall girls makes me think they are going to come in and wreck shop. Sorry if this offends you, I can't help my feelings.

Craziest place you both ever had sex?

Together: Your mom's house! Ooooooo!

If you could each have one superhero power, what would it be?

Danny: Super intelligence! I mean ((Einstein)*(Ben Stein))^(Steve Jobs) intelligence.

Nick: Teleportation most definitely. But hopefully Danny acquires 'super intelligence' and develops a way for us to teleport to gigs.

First job each of you ever had?

Danny: Baskin Robbins! I was sixteen and got to eat as much ice cream as I wanted. Yay metabolism!

Nick: Cutting lawns. This is probably why I now have a perpetual allergy problem.

What DJs do you want to:


Danny: Kaskade because he gave us some amazing support on our single "Don't Look Back" with Tommie Sunshine and he seems like a clean young man.

Nick: Everyone who plays our records and any of those lovely playboy
DJs. Wouldn't you?

Party With?

Danny: Steve Aoki

Nick: Dada Life

DJ alongside live?

Together: Tommie Sunshine, which hopefully we will be doing on the regular in the coming months.

What can fans expect for 2012?

Nick: We are dropping a ton of great music this year and finally putting out all of the original material we've been working on for the past year or so while putting out our remix work. Our first single of the year titled "Born To Fly" featuring Niles Mason drops on Feb. 14th on Strictly Rhythm Records. Everyone should head over to our soundcloud page for the latest releases and our Liftoff! mixtape.

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