If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?

SM:Professor Charles Xavier,Telepathy (Mind Reading). That way we could know what people thinks and want, and also have answers of many things without asking LOL.

IS: As we are a duo project and sergio already read minds I would like to have superman's flying ability so we can go from one city to other without wasting time at airports or avoid delayed flights.

First job you ever had?

SM: At 14 years old I mixed as a dj with my dennon and my dad mixer on friends party. I put crossover music, really enjoyed what I was doing, and got paid.

IS: When I was a 17 years old freshmen, Christmas season and I looking for something to earn money to buy a soundsystem for my car. A friend told me that an important liquor distributor was looking for people to deliver to their clients, so i went there and joined as a delivery boy. With my truck I delivered everywhere, all the liquor boxes that fitted inside my car. I used to do 3 diferent shipments everyday for 10 days....it was a good money, not only bought my soundsystem but also some Mud Terrain Tires! Ironically I was delivering lots of boxes full of liquor at liquor stores, clubs and even a whorehouse being under the permitted age to buy a drink.

Favorite candy / snack?

SM: Fun Dip Candy / Krispy Creme Doughnuts / Slow Roasted Pork Buns with Lager Beer.

IS: Michelada Beer and Nachos!

What do you drive?

SM: In Venezuela I had a Suzuki Grand Vitara 2008 4x4, but im selling it with my move to Barcelona.

IS: Mmm I think I drive my wife cause sometimes when she is mad scream to me "you drive me crazy!!!".......and some other words I can´t say.

Kind of watch do you wear?

SM: Black Movado with Leather Strap

IS: A Mitch Buchannon Baywatch .... sorry what was the question?? lol

Favorite Sneakers?

SM: Adidas Yoji Yamamoto Y3 2012

IS: Dont like Sneakers I prefer Toblerone or Ferrero Rocher

Favorite fashion brand?

SM: Rick Owens

IS: I like All Saints but I love H&M sales!!....(I could live with a black T-shirt)

If you had one night left to live, how would you spend it?

SM: Raving...LOL...No I probably spend it with my girl, family and loved ones.

IS: Definitely with my wife and family.

Favorite video game?

SM: The Legend of Zelda

IS: Ableton Live

Can't leave home without?

SM: With my iPhone

IS: Underwear...cant walk comfortable.

First DJ you ever saw live?

SM: Ministry of Sound in Caracas Venezuela with Dj Petrae Foy and some others i can´t recall, in the early 2000´s.

IS: Was many many years ago but i think was Sasha back in 96...

How would you describe your style?

SM: Minimalist with a touch of Gothic LOL

IS: I could say Casual and Fresh...I can live with some converse shoes, jeans and the black shirt I mentioned above.

What are your thoughts on dance music right now?

SM: We are living an interesting period right now, for me 2012 has been a really nice year for electronic music, im really enjoying what´s happening right now. Vocals and melodies are back, the music is warm and dark, and there are a lot of interesting projects at the moment. Favorite track to play is Junior Boys- Like a Child (Carl Craig Remix).

IS: I really like what is happening with the electronic scene right now, theres a lot of different styles and people who support them...we learn everyday from each other, was is good for one its bad for other so we have the capacity to watch, analize, learn and create....then have our own conclusions or proposal to the scene with new tracks to keeping it growing.

What DJ do you want to:


SM: My partner Israel
IS: mmmm.... Nina Kraviz

Party With?

SM: Ricardo Villalobos
IS: VIllalobos too!

DJ alongside live?

SM: DJ Harvey
IS: Damian Lazarus

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