Favorite place on earth?

Louie: Right now it's probably Palm Springs. They're playing our new track "Palm Springs Beach House" on the radio there. It's pretty surreal. Can't wait to head there for Coachella this week.

Lex: My favorite place right now is definitely the shower. I wouldn't be surprised if Steve Jobs created the iPhone in the shower.

Best performance you’ve ever seen live?

Lex: This is going to sound odd, but I was visiting my wife's grandmother at the old folks home on improv night. These two elderly ladies took the stage and I think they accidentally started performing a rendition of 2 girls 1 cup. Everybody gave them a standing ovation, but the person who also deserves a round of applause is the janitor. In less than two hours the janitor had that same area sterilized and ready for arts and crafts.

Louie: Hahahah… I'm not going to be able to top that answer. Maybe if Daft Punk and the Tupac hologram teamed up.

Celebrity crush?

Lex: I gave that up when I found out Derek Jeter has had sex with them all. At least he sends them away with an autograph and a gift basket.

Louie: I have to agree.

Favorite item of clothing?

Lex: My old house arrest bracelet. I laced it with rhinestones just yesterday. I wish it was more comfortable. I'm also all about my black american apparel t-shirt's. I'm a coffee drinker who still hasn't learned how to drink out of coffee cups, so if I didn't have those black t-shirts it would look like somebody took a shit on my shirt.

Louie: I've got a pair of custom Nike's that President Clinton commended when I was with my girlfriend. I'm also liking what Wil Fry is doing in fashion.

Favorite headphones and piece of DJ equipment?

Lex: The Studio Beats by Dre are real dope. I also like the Numark controllers. They're real convenient to pack up and take on the road.

Louie: Lately I've been layering a lot of live Fender guitar, bass, piano and drums on our tracks, I think it gives us an added advantage over other producers who only use synths and samples.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Lex: Looking back on these last 5 years it has truly been amazing. Hopefully we could say the same 5 years from today.

Louie: On our fourth appearance on the cover of Elektro eating sushi with a Polar Bear.

Song you’re ashamed to like?

Lex: I can't think of anything I'm ashamed of liking. I remember people being surprised I liked Miley's "Wrecking Ball" so much. We even DJ'd the shit out of the Afrojack remix in the clubs.
Louie: I'm not ashamed that I wake up to the Price is Right theme song every morning, it sets the tone.

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