Favorite place on earth?

In the studio. Music isn't just a passion of mine, it's my life. When I am not performing I prefer to be creating. To me it's important to keep those creative energies flowing as much as possible!

Favorite headphones and piece of DJ equipment?

My Ultimate Ears (UE11’s) in-ear monitors. I once lost a pair and that experience reminded me just how much they help me hear clearly without blowing my ears out - I have to protect my ears, they are how I make a living! Plus they don’t mess up my hair. Just kidding!

For equipment, Pioneer’s DJM-900 because that X-pad and sound coloring let's you be so creative in a live environment. I don’t like to simply beat match and sit around until the next song’s ready to mix in. I’ll use FX, knobs and faders to add more of a live element that’ll be different every time I play a song. Don’t want to overdo it, but I don’t want to be just a glorified iTunes either.

Biggest influence on your music?

The trials and tribulations of everyday life. Music is my favorite form of expression. Sometimes I feel an emotion and want to express that as some sort of musical soundtrack of that moment. I don’t talk much so I guess I just “talk about it” through my music. Each day brings something new, so it’s as if I have an endless supply of inspiration. And for those bad days, there’s nothing like channeling that into something positive with music...and it just may be in the form of a big, fat, dirty, nasty bass line

Favorite item of clothing?

I’m a pretty simple person so I’d have to say...the T-shirt. It’s good for almost any occasion. I put some of mine on hangers. But no, I don’t buy them $50 t-shirts.

Favorite snack?

Trail mix...I think I could eat it all day and nothing else. Kind of craving some right now.

Celebrity crush?

Natalie Portman. She supposedly said “I’d rather be smart than a movie star”, which is way hotter than “I’d rather be dumb and a porn star.” Intelligence is sexy and I'd take “Miss Harvard” over “Miss AVN” any day.

Thing you’re most excited for in 2013?

My new productions, starting with my new single “Vs. Doppelganger” - for which we released both an instrumental and vocal version, featuring Stefni Valencia. I like having two options for the track, depending on where I want to drop it in a set. We also have a killer remix package nearing completion with treatments by Blake Jarrell, Rockwell Noize and Donald Glaude. Their reinterpretations are amazing and we're looking forward to the release. Previews will soon be on Soundcloud.com/DjJounce. Touring-wise Asia was incredible and I’m also excited for more international dates through Europe including Ibiza dates for Pukka Up, Amnesia and Pacha! Also, my new web site DjJounce.com is about to be finished!

Song you’re ashamed to like?

Krazy Kat remix of “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons. The instrumental is happy, really happy, almost to the point of being sad that I like it...but I do...haha.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

You always gotta dream big, right? So I want to be touring internationally, locking in more great residencies and playing more large-scale festivals. From the studio I'd like to complete a few more albums and some collaborations with more of my favorite producers and. I'd also like to actively work to keep music programs in schools. I view music as a gift and being able to create and share it is an even greater gift, so it’s something I’d love to give to as many people as I can worldwide. Or I could just be playing really loud in my bedroom. But the music won’t stop no matter what!

Best performance you’ve ever seen live?

Among DJ’s, Afrojack at Beyond Wonderland 2013...his music was good, transitions and builds were smooth, and he kept the energy up without monotonous peak time beats, if that makes any sense. Among bands, Tool...their music is beautifully complex and witnessing this band playing live and so tight is absolutely sick. I remember listening to the radio on the way home and everything sounded so rudimentary.

Artist you most want to collaborate with and why?

Swedish House Mafia. Those dudes just have so much experience and I greatly admire their production. They say they’re done but they’ll be back...or I’m just hoping so I can dream about this collab. I also want to ask what each of them is doing behind the decks when performing live. I’m serious.

Album you can’t live without?

Appetite for Destruction. And not because of the overplayed songs, but everything in between. There aren’t many albums you can play straight through and enjoy every track.

What is number 1 on your bucket list?

Sky diving. I have slight acrophobia, so this would definitely be a thrill...and a life without thrills is a cheated soul. Plus, your bucket list should be dominated by things you can die doing.

Prediction for next big producer?

Showtek. I like their electro sound, it’s very driven but with polished production. I don't know why they're not in DJ Mag's Top 100, but they will be.

What DJ do you want to:

Hug: Nervo … either but preferably both since I wouldn’t know who’s who.
Party With: Deadmau5. He’s not afraid to say anything when he’s sober so I think he’d be a riot drunk. Even if he was making fun of me, I know I’d be laughing me ass off. If he doesn’t have it yet, he should have a head piece with beer cans holders and drinking tubes feeding to the inside.
Play along side with: Laidback Luke. He’s just so talented on the decks. He’ll grab various pieces from different songs across 3-4 CDJ’s and practically create a new live song in a way that’ll outdo of lot of others out there.

Best perk of being a DJ?

Being in control of the music. It's such a powerful, ethereal experience. But my sets aren't just about my experience, I gladly take requests from the crowd because I do want everyone to have a good time. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to filter out songs, especially if it’s a request coming from some rude a-hole.

The one song you never want to hear again?

The NBA playoff’s current theme song. I think it’s called “That Power." The only good thing about my team being eliminated is not hearing that song every game.

Favorite track at the moment?

My new release “Vs. Doppelganger.” But not to sound too self-serving, I seriously love “Wakanda” by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. I like heavy, tribal beats and “Wakanda” is just that with a solid progressive production.

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