How was your "twitter take over" of elektro's account? What kind of questions did you get? Hope you know our twitter was shut down for 5 hours cause of the overload.

Haha, jeez sorry about that! First I’ve heard of it actually. Most people wanted to know when I was coming to their local city or when my next release was. Always so flattering to hear that and I love communicating with fans on twitter anway. Anytime guys.

How'd you like playing Pacha NYC?

Oh it was amazing as always. Its just one of the best clubs in the world and so much energy.

Ever been star-struck?

Actually quite recently when I went to Radio 1 for Pete Tong. The man is a legend and was so great to have a chat with him.

If you had one last day on earth, you would:

Spend it with Kate.

Favorite vodka?

Hmm Grey Goose maybe. Depends where in the world I am.

Craziest groupie moment?

Haha! None actually!

What's your favorite city?

I couldn’t choose just one, no way. I love playing New York and Vegas in the States and I love London, but I’ve also got the opportunity to play cities in India for example soon. Who knows, I may have a different favorite next week.

What's your favorite city to party in?

Gotta be NY!

Favorite food?

Again it depends where I am – but I love sushi, steak. I’ll eat anything really!

First DJ you saw live?

Oh it would have been someone small in Russia when I was just getting into Electronic music.

Can't travel without?

My laptop. I’m always working on tracks wherever I may be!

Can't stop listening to?

Halcyon by Orbital. On repeat since the 90’s haha!

Craziest/favorite set?

From someone else, Axwell wherever he plays. Personally, I loved my latest Ministry Of Sound set in London. Was after my time off and I just felt so alive again!

Best advice you ever got? When it comes to music?

Go with your instincts.

Conducted By: Brian Merlano

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