In a very well directed video by Sebastian Ringler with some awesome CG and special effects we have the latest music video from the Cazzette duo. The inspiration and ideas behind this music video are some of the most original and creative work I have seen in a long time. It is a huge departure from typical electronic and dance music videos which showcase live events and life on the road. As the video opens we see a young producer making music on his laptop only to be stared down by some pigeons on his windowsill, now I know how that might sound but this is all leading up to something big. A golden cassette is ejected from the laptop with the new material he produced and everything picks up quick. Swarms of birds controlled by a masked man attack the youth as he walks through his town. Things seem quiet when again the birds attack but this time its in the shape of giant human body, the reason for these attacks? Well go see for yourself. While chaos ensues your soundtrack for this somewhat short film is the heavy hitting track "Run For Cover" which compliments and drives every bit of this music video.

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