When Pete Tong supports a record, it's destined for greatness. Manse, progressive-house purveyor and the newest addition to Hardwell's Revealed Recordings lineup has been given that coveted stamp of approval for his track "Freeze Time" featuring vocalist Alice Berg. The tune climaxes with a progressive drop that feels like confetti rain and strobe lights, perfect for summer festivals and late-night pool parties.

I had the privilege to meet Manse on the Ultra press yacht for an impromptu interview where he shared the story behind "Freeze Time." The track was initially made three years ago but every label Manse sent it to had passed on it because they thought the sound was outdated. Last year, he decided to re-produce the track with new synth sounds because he still believed in the melody's strength, for which festival goers and radio listeners are sure to be grateful. "I got the top line from Alice Berg and it was a perfect match," said Manse while elaborating on the song's conception. Once Robert (Hardwell) listened to the track, he decided that it would be a good fit for a Revealed release. Fast forward to March 2015 and Manse's enjoying his first visit to Miami and experience of Miami Music Week. He spun at the Sirius XM lounge for industry folk and glimpsed a compelling future for a budding producer. Moral of the story — resilience and perseverance succeed where timidity falls flat. You can pick up "Freeze Time" on Beatport via Revealed Recordings today.