In advance of the summer splashes and rhythmic beats, we sat down with Dom Dolla (slated to hit the decks at the Riviera from 4 - 5 pm on Saturday) for a mini interview. Check it out below, along with a playlist curated for your road trip to this weekend's desert paradise.

© AleksandarJason
© AleksandarJason

What's your go-to summer song?

I’m going to play it safe here: anything by Jamiroquai.

Who are you excited to see during the weekend?

I’m super keen to check out Metroplane’s set. I’ve been a die-hard fan of both Alex and Aeroplane from back in the Bloghau5 era, so I can’t wait to see where they take this new project. I’ll be front and centre. There are also some fellow Aussies on this lineup too! It will be great to cut shapes with the Rufus boys at the pre-party on Friday.

You've released some pretty cool remixes of Rufus, Motez, and The Aston Shuffle - are you expecting any new releases soon or any original tracks?

I am indeed! I’ve just wrapped up a new single that I’m excited to get out into the world this September. I’d had it lying around just as a vocal hook in my iPhone memos for a while, but it’s since grown into something that I’m really happy with. Unfortunately I don’t have great pipes myself... I sounded like a dying cat on the demo. But I brought in a friend to re-sing the vocal takes and I can now say the cat is alive and well, and I can’t wait to let it out of the bag.

I’m also working on a couple of remixes. One is for a formerly massive Aussie dance act planning their resurgence later this year. I can’t say whom just yet, but either way I’m pretty excited.

What's your favorite poolside drink?

Can’t go past a G&T when poolside. Or anything-side really.

Taco bell or Dell Taco?

Por qué no los dos?

Who's your dream collab?

Production wise, the list is endless. Vocal wise, I’d love to bring Faith Evans into the studio to punch out some fresh ad-libs.




1) Be 2 Be - Wongo feat. Ducky

This is an awesome little tune by my boy “Wongo”, he’s been around Aus for a while now and has always been an incredible producer. He also co-owns an awesome house label called “Box of Cats”, alongside legends Kyle Watson, Tom Eq, Jeff Doubleu, Marc Spence and Jak Z.

Wongo is normally known for his fidget style club stuff, but he’s pulled it back a little for this little radio number. I’m in love.


2) MYNE (Rrotik Remix) - Treasure Fingers & BOSCO

Rrotik’s a producer I’ve discovered in the last 12 months or so. His remix of “Ambush Dem” by I AM ROBOT has been a staple in my sets. He’s going to be huge if he keeps making these weapons.


3) Horn Thing – Billy Kenny

Billy is definitely one of my favourite producers around at the moment, he’s production is so unique from track to track, yet he still manages to consistently pump great hooks and musicality into his club tunes.


4) Lose Control – Nicky Night Time & Kaz James.

If this doesn’t get you wet before a pool party, nothing will.


5) Make a Wrong Thing Right – The Aston Shuffle

Mikah and Vance have been killing the game for years now and I’ve always looked up to them as mentors. They’re extremely generous guys who always been around to lend an ear to my production. I’m sure this track will be doing the radio rounds in no time - the swing on the hats is out of this world. Talk about a hook too!

6) Be With You (Friend Within Remix) – Rufus

Such a tight club spin on a track that’s making massive moves back in Australia. The names on the title say it all. I love the little chuggy fills Friend Within has happening throughout this.


7) Little Higher Ft. Xavier Dunn – Terace

Although New Zealand based, Terace spend a lot of his time over in Australia and has become a real staple in the scene here. Xavier’s stripped back falsetto vox on this track are awesome, and no doubt he’s a vocalist you’ll be hearing a lot more of soon.

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