Canada's MSTRKRFT (JESSE F. KEELER and AL-P) present a new remix by Patrick Stump for their song "Runaway." The Fall Out Boy front man taps into his studio skills by switching his guitar prowess for samples and drum machine mastery, creating an alternate dance floor-friendly jam.


Listen here: 


The track made its debut earlier today via Alternative Press where KEELER is quoted, "... the only thing we ask of anybody that we work with, whether it's a remix or doing a vocal, or whatever-we just want who we're working with to be excited about what they're giving us, and at that point, it's trusting their artistic ideas. If we were going to try and control the system fully, we'd just do it ourselves, right? You've got to let go of the reins and let people do what they're doing and try not to put them in too tight of a box. Once the process started, that was it."


"I think for us, especially coming from our remixing career, that era when we were doing a ton of remixes, we would always try to take whatever song we're working on and recontextualize it as much as we could, while still respecting the song," adds AL-P. "I noticed kind of a similar approach from him, just from the amount of vocal that he used and how it's vastly different from the original. I think that's what makes this a successful remix."


"Runaway" appears on MSTRKRFT's third album, the much-buzzed-about OPERATOR on Last Gang Records, which marksthe follow-up to 2009's Fist of God. Jonathan Bates of Big Black Delta lends his voice to "Runaway."  View its video here:
Listen to OPERATOR on Spotify here.


Both the physical and digital versions for OPERATOR are available now here.

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