AC Slater is a busy man in our scene. Not one to rest on his accomplishments from 2014, the Night Bass founder has been releasing new music and remixes with a feverish frequency as of late.

First up is a free-downloadable remix (available on his Soundcloud page) for the Rome Fortune & OG Maco track “Sex” off their mixtape Yep. It takes the original version’s slow trap style and turns up the tempo, using a sick backbeat and clangy basslines to create a unique soundscape. If the original was meant to seduce you, the remix is there to titillate all of your senses.

Next up is his remix to Australian duo Go Freek’s track “How Long” (Sweat It Out). AC Slater takes the original’s “gutter tech” approach, and once again uses breakbeat rhythms and peculiar-yet-catchy bass sounds to differentiate himself from not only the original track, but from other bass house music producers occupying the scene.

Finally, his track for the OWSLA Spring Compilation, “Booty Free (featuring Dell Harris)” was released this week.

You get the sense that by pumping out these tracks in such volume, AC Slater is establishing a trademark sound that ties all of these songs together by their familiarity. While one could criticize him for sticking to what he knows, others could say that he’s building upon what he knows works best for him. Either way, the future-ish sounds you hear throughout his work is indicative of a producer who sonically may be the future of where this scene is headed.

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