Brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll (better known as Orbital) have joined forces again to release Wonky, their first album in eight years. Along with the album, the duo is scheduling an accompanying tour.

Despite taking a break, Orbital has been on the radar for close to 25 years since recording their first single back in 1989. Trendy singer-songwriter Zola Jesus contributes to Wonky adding vocals to track "New France," proving Orbital is on the constant quest to maintain relevance.

The brother's dj set up consists of a Mac laptop using either Logic Pro or Ableton Live and vintage synthesizers while the live set up has exchanged the laptop for five iPads, which has proven to be more effective than staring at a single screen, and keeps the producers out of a rut (something they have admitted they are prone to.)

“You find yourself in the position of remixing Madonna!” said Phil Hartnoll. “Remixing Kraftwerk! I was like, hello!” he said of lack creativity. Comparing themselves to a phoenix, Orbital has clearly risen from their ashes to be resurrected as one of dance music's most legendary performers.

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