One of the latest advancements in visual display involves projection mapping, a method of distorting projected images onto any display to create an incredibly detailed, completely engrossing environment. When done right, the visualizations create dynamic, illuminating displays that sync seamlessly with the music. Certain artists have already experimenting with the concept - Deadmau5 during his free show in London and Infected Mushroom during their most recent tour.

However, the technology is still in its infancy and we would imagine syncing the intricacies of a full EDM set to the project images would require extensive set fabrications that are more challenging than the typical stage layout. Custom structures can be created to serve as a backdrop or the software itself can be catered towards the stationary structure. Think using anything from the white wall in your house to famous landmarks as a backdrop. Despite the challenges, we’re excited about the future potential for projection mapping in enhancing the fan’s experience at live events.

For further information, check out the feature video on Additionally, we came across a few pretty cool videos that make use of the technology, one featuring the Sydney Opera House and another at Fallingwater.

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