This past Saturday at Roseland Ballroom, Nero continued their quest to cultivate the American crowds with their music and unique use of bass and the dubstep movement. The crowds were patiently waiting the return of Daniel Stephens and Joe Ray who rarely play together. Most of the party-goers were extremely excited to see the duo rather than just one of them. Just passed 12:30 am Sunday morning, the lights dropped and the crowd rushed the stage to throw their hands up for Nero. The cameras and phones awaited the return of the 10-foot speaker and television platform that the duo would perform atop that took up the majority of the stage. Daniels and Stephens appeared above the crowd like futuristic gods that were here to bless the crowd with bass from above.

It “Must be the feeling” that Nero and Alana Watson, vocalist collaborator, give to the crowd, because every time Watson entered the stage (always from a different spot, be it stage left or seemingly from this air) the crowd erupted like a volcano, spewing happy hands in the air instead of lava. Everyone began to sing  along verbatim with Watson as she captured the hearts of every glow stick, shade-wearing Nero fan in attendance. As the tempo changed from song to song, with a break in the music time to time, the crowd began to anticipate the big Nero bass drop and, oh how it made the building shake.

Watson entered from the left of the stage this time, to stand in front of the phenomenal platform that Stephens and Ray stood atop; they began with that memorable and highly desired intro to “Promises." At this point the crowd had hit its climax and the party-goers began to explode into jubilation as they sang along with the latest dubstep anthem. Hit after hit followed from their debut album Welcome Reality that cultivated the crowd into a dubstep frenzy.

It is safe to say that the crowd along with myself have a “Crush on NERO."

Images By Kevin Natoli


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