After teasing the track on social media this week, Nero have released "The Thrill" on their Soundcloud page. The track just premiered on Annie Mac's BBC Radio 1 show, which showed the world that Nero have not strayed far from the sound that have made them one of the electronic music world's most popular and mysterious groups.

Coming complete with the unmistakable vocals of their vocalist Alana Watson, the track supplies the kind of heavy beats they've become known for, while using melodic synth and bass lines to create a track that would resonate with any music fan. The track contains a much different feel than the group's last release, "Satisfy," which brought a heavy, dark sound that many did not expect to come from the popular U.K. group. While paired with their "Satisfy Mix," it seemed that the group may have been taking a turn towards the techno/industrial side. However, fans of old should certainly be (for lack of a better word) satisfied with this new track, which shows they can still bring the kind of material that have made them one of the most sought after groups in EDM.  "The Thrill" goes on sale tonight at midnight on iTunes.

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