After remaining quiet since the release of their single “Satisfy” in 2014, Nero released “The Thrill” on their Soundcloud page in March. The track premiered on Annie Mac‘s BBC Radio 1 show, which showed the world that Nero have not strayed far from the sound that have made them one of the electronic music world’s most popular and mysterious groups. Coming complete with the unmistakable vocals of their vocalist Alana Watson, the track supplies the kind of heavy beats they’ve become known for, while using melodic synth and bass lines to create a track that supplied a much different feel than the heavy, dark sound exemplified in “Satisfy.”

Now, they have released the music video for "The Thrill." The video is simple, yet perfect, showing Alana Watson at the forefront as she provides her powerful vocals, as fellow Nero members Daniel Stephens and Joe Ray can be seen playing intricate keyboard setups as the group is surrounded by strobes and light beams. No need for over-theatrics with this video, which serves to give viewers a glimpse inside their energetic live performances.

"The Thrill" will be featured on their forthcoming album Between II Worlds, which is set for  August 28. Pre-order the album on iTunes now, and receive both "Satisfy" and the release's title track "Between II Worlds."

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