Steve Aoki is one of the most prominent DJs in EDM.
From his on stage antics to his massive tracks, Aoki has become one of the music world's most recognized faces.

If you haven't had the chance to see Aoki in action, there's a few things you can expect.
For starters, expect cake. No one is better at throwing cakes than Steve. He's REALLY good.

Secondly, expect some stunts. This guy is EDM's Evel Knievel.
Check out one his most daring acts below.

…they don't always go according to plan.
But that doesn't stop him.


You can also expect him to bring a flurry of EDM bangers.
With his new album, 'Neon Future,' on the horizon, you can expect him to have some new weapons in his arsenal!

Check out his newest track, "Rage The Night Away," featuring Waka Flocka Flame below!

Steve Aoki hits the main stage of Mysteryland on Saturday, May 23rd!

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