What would you do to spend a day with your favorite DJ? In “My Son the DJ,” a documentary sponsored by Jagermeister, Laidback Luke takes you through his life so intimately it’s as if you’re right by his side while he practices tai chi and skypes with his wife.

Luke, who had the most bookings of any Dutch DJ in 2012, is remarkably humble despite his worldwide success. Growing up, he became frustrated that he was never a good enough musician in comparison to his inclined family members. He soon learned that he could make music on a computer and the rest became history.

Luke unequivocally shares his struggles with us. Finding a gross lack of support from the DJ community, he created a blog that he constantly responds to and keeps open for demos, suggestions, and support. He overcame two “burn-outs” from sleep deprivation and alcohol abuse, which eventually led him to question his own parenting skills and detox himself. Luke has grown from his set backs and experiences, and it has made him all the better. DJs like Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano look up to him. They describe how he is a trailblazer in the EDM industry, always coming out with new sounds and ideas that other DJs soon incorporate into their own music.

Even with all the money, the first class trips around the world, and countless club appearances, Luke knows that when he is performing, he is an entertainer. “It’s not real life,” he says. Real life is family, being able to spend a day with his 2 sons, or taking an hour to relax and practice kung fu. Perhaps, in an industry where people are always headed to the “afterparty,” this is what makes Laidback Luke so successful. He keeps it real.

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