Norwegian duo Mungolian Jet Set’s fourth full-length, Mungodelics, follows its predecessors in featuring a collection of remixes, remakes, and original tracks. Not tying themselves one particular style, the Mungolians shift their musical vision with each album. On Mungodelics the two are playing with a bit of jazz, a bit of progrock, and a bit of funk, all steeped a generous amount of bass. Much like the progrock bands they are emulating, the majority of the extended numbers of Mungodelics are aiming at the 10-minute mark. This makes songs like “Smells Like Gasoline” play out like a DJ set excerpt while the Orb-esque “Mung’s Picazzo” bubbles and floats on an ambient cloud and “Mush In The Bush” focuses on the deeper side of minimal house, building and cresting in turns. Despite the varied styles, Mungodelics rolls out cohesively, bound by the Mungolians’ tongue-in-cheek take on progtronica.

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Written By: Lily Moayeri

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