Mr. Oizo (pronounced Wah-zoh) is a French electronic musician, who also happens to be a film director. His previous credits include the smash single "Flat Beat", which was used in a Levi's commercial (seen below) and went on to sell over three million copies of the EP.

Stade 2 marks his fourth album, and this one seems to be Mr. Oizo's most ambitious undertaking to date. I had the opportunity to listen to the full album before it releases digitally on the 11th and found it to be an impressive jaunt through the eclectic.  There is something for everyone on this album-- from tracks for when you just want to stay home and chill to tracks for when you want to get wild and crazy at big room nightclubs.

The single, "Douche Beat" blends such a wide variety of sounds it borders on absurd. Still somehow,  its whimsical and makes me laugh and smile. Once you start to listen to this album, you will not want to turn it off.

Listen to two tracks off the album below:

The new album is being released on Ed Banger Records/Because Music on 11/11 digitally & 11/28 everywhere else.

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