The French: Is there something in the water or baguettes over there that make them so amazing at producing killer dance music? Is it their too-cool-for-school attitude or effortless fashion sense, something’s got to give. Just look at Ed Banger superstar Mr. Oizo and his latest remix for enough evidence to support the claim that the French really are superior at everything – at least with electro house that is. The Parisian producer and DJ, who we were lucky to catch earlier last month, has managed to take a near-perfect song, Chromeo’s funky “Over Your Shoulder," and given it an incredible rework. The original’s forward first verse is transformed into a hollow, robotic reading of the lyrics. The vocals, though not sung, by no means slow down the track and its electro-fication. Moreover, the funky and groovy spirit of the original still remains in Mr. Oizo’s interpretation, taking you on an exhilarating dancing fit. This remix is one you’ll want to carry with you at all times, and thankfully you can! Scoop up the free download after you check it out below!

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