New York City has been stepping up its party game. Among the parties that have been making real names for themselves is the up-and-coming BangOn! The crew at BangOn! has been creating amazing spaces in which they showcase art, performance, craft, and music in a very symbiotic, natural, and mentally-expansive way. Aside from their attention to detail, the musical bookings for these events have been out of this world, with their summer 3D Festival ringing huge talents like Sydney Blu, The Chainsmokers and Chicago house don Felix da Housecat. This time around, BangOn! took over the hauntingly abandoned Gowanus Bay Industrial Waterfront in Brooklyn (pictured above) to create an unparalleled experienced dubbed “Elements."

The multi-sensory spirit of “Elements” was one for the books. Let’s begin with the non-musical aspects. The sheer amount of space allowed organizers to accommodate thousands of party-goers throughout the day and outfit their four elemental stages with insane amounts of character. The Water Stage featured nonstop minimal and techno (culminating in Alexi Delano’s headlining set) directly next to a massive forgotten cruise ship with blinding lights cast upon it for added effect. Abandoned warehouses had zig-zaging hallways leading you to corner bars and discrete DJ booths. Giant slip-and-slides stood next to an array of local craft merchants and graphic artists to keep the fun going all night long. Another abandoned complex revealed a silent disco spun by dubstep mavericks Funkystepz and also served as the setting for Lady Circus’ Anya to literally climb the building’s walls for a mesmerizing dance sequence.
Two Burning Man Art carts were on full display and ready to party, with one in particular stealing the show. The Thunder Gumbo Booga was a two-level dancefloor-cart that sprung up and down with each moving body. A standout set by local Gizmo stunned the crowd thanks to drops like Felix da Housecat’s “Sinner Winner," Gramophonedzie “Why Don’t You Do Right” Edit, and Chocolate Puma’s “Get the Bone."

However, the standout sets were rightly found on the Earth stage courtesy of Azarii & III and Ed Banger superstar, Mr. Oizo. Azarii & III warmed things up in the cocoon-like Earth stage, delivering a bass-heavy trap and house set that had the crowd wilding out like it was nobody’s business. After a satisfying hour and change, the stage was ready for Mr. Oizo and to say he destroyed the crowd would be an understatement. The French producer and DJ didn’t look too far from Ed Banger’s roster, playing out Boston Bun’s “Flasher”, Laurent Garnier’s “Jacques in the Box” Parade Remix, Kylie Minogue’s “Skirt” and his own Marylin Manson-featuring “Solid” to name just a few. Mr. Oizo’s ability to balance hard-hitting electro house and funkier French sounds is truly mind blowing; although your body is taken over by the raw energy of the harder tracks, your mind is taken to unknown musical worlds thanks to the DJ’s quick-thinking and innovative styles. As if that weren’t enough, it seems the actual elements enjoyed Oizo’s closing set as well with little sprinklings of rain dropping over the crowd as the ferocious mixer wrapped up his hour and half long set. The unadulterated and high-octane spirit of Oizo’s set exemplified the energy BangOn! Elements captured with their Elements event. Check out a few select pics from Saturday below and make sure to not miss BangOn’s next musical experience!

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