If you’re a true EDM fan, you surely still have Calvin Harris’ catchy “I Need Your Love” playing in your iPod, speakers, and mind. We all remember the collective fan-girl gasp we all let out when the single’s official video dropped, featuring Calvin and rumored girlfriend/track vocalist Ellie Goulding in a whirlwind Miami Beach love story with the DJ himself. The pair was followed around by… well, no one. The video was made with a GoPro camera from start to finish, and showed dance music fans how the portable camcorder could fit right into their high-octane lives – sans epic pop stardom love sagas. Now the company has released its HERO3+ Black edition camera, and the accompanying clip they made to advertise will have you letting out the call of the wild, anxious for your next full-throttle adventure. The only thing we’d say is missing from the clip are some EDM-centric shots cause let’s be honest, your trip to TomorrowWorld last weekend was MUCH crazier than riding on a lion’s back in the Sahara. Check out the clip above yourself to see what we mean!

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