Sometimes an artist needs to hibernate for a little bit — escape, recharge and get inspired maybe. When he emerges for his winter getaway, often times new music come with him. In Robotaki’s case, he re-emerged with a new track and a new sound.

For years, Robotaki’s upbeat, funk-inspired disco pop has received high acclaim from a devoted niche Soundcloud following. Boasting official remixes for the likes of Penguin Prison, Kavinsky, Chilly Gonzales and Van She, Robotaki’s musical style has fit, more or less, within the disco-ball genre...until now.

After a lengthy stint in the studio, Robotaki released his latest remix, a sultry, bass-heavy rendition of the R&B classic “Do You.” The original track by Miguel has seen its fair share of remixes, including the standout version from Cashmere Cat, but Robotaki’s remix certainly ranks among the best and most delectable of the bunch. As Robotaki stated on his Soundcloud, this track only the first of a lot of more new music to come.