Martin Garrix had one of the biggest songs in 2014 with “Animals,” a track that was played at every festival, house party, and even your local spin class (and don’t forget Deadmau5’s famous troll remix of the song at Ultra Music Festival last year). Literally, you could not get away from that song, making it both a blessing and a curse to the young producer. On the one hand, it elevated Garrix to the main stage at most festivals and made him a bigger star. On the other hand, it threatens to have him classified as a “one-hit wonder” by the mainstream, since we have not heard him produce another hit song on the radio as of yet.

Hoping to avoid that label, Martin Garrix returns guns blazing with his new track and video “Don’t Look Down" featuring Usher (Spinnin Records/RCA). Debuted during the YouTube Music Awards, the video portrays Garrix as an underappreciated worker for a country club (the “prestigious” Le Garritsen Country Club) trying to win the affection of the beautiful Natalia Bonifacci. The video is delightfully campy, and full of innuendos and sight gags that work well in relation to the story. EDM videos are usually very straight laced and humorless (even from Deadmau5), so kudos to Garrix for showing the scene that it doesn’t need to take itself so seriously.

While the song doesn’t match the catchiness of “Animals” (and to be honest, that is a monumental task for any producer) it’s still a really good song with a positive message of taking chances with no regrets. And having a heavyweight like Usher on the track goes a long way to helping Garrix avert that “one-hit wonder” label. It’s nice to see that Garrix isn’t resting on his laurels and is pushing himself musically and visually to show everyone that he deserves his spot at the top of the scene.