Markus Schulz has finally released the details of his highly anticipated Scream 2 album. Markus' fifth artist album, Scream 2 will be released February 21 on Armada Music. Spanning a variety of sounds and expanding the boundaries of trance, the album contains 17 tracks that together create one of the biggest trance albums electronic music has seen in quite some time.

Brilliant melodies and inspiring vocals make Scream 2 a simply awesome album. The album's first track, "Reloaded", sets the tone for the next 16 works with an epic trance masterpiece. "Revolution" is the album's first vocal tracks and Chris Maden's voice works perfectly with Markus' music as they come together in a perfect musical marriage. As we get to the third track we really begin to delve into the album with "Blown Away" a deeper and darker vocal track featuring Liz Primo. We continue into the musical depths with a short but sweet entrancing single "Remember This" which then leads us into "Erase You", an extraordinary and chilling vocal track featuring Lady V. "Destino", a dark and beautiful piece then leads us to "Muse", an uplifting vocal track featuring Adina Butar. "Dancing In The Key Of Life" puts a perfect cap on the first half of the album with a powerful beat and melody, creating a trance anthem that will not be forgotten.

The second half of the album kicks off with the stunning vocals of Liz Horsman and fantastic production of Markus Schulz coming together in beautiful harmony on "Lord Knows". Another vocal track featuring Paul Aiden is next as they collide on the appropriately titled "Fireworks". Next comes the astounding "In The Shadows" followed by an absolutely epic vocal titled "Make You Fall" featuring CeCe Peniston. "Mango" and "Mardi Gras" then take us to the dancefloor with their churning beats, uplifting melodies and flawless drops. "Gravity" features Amy Kirkpatrick and is the final vocal work on the album, which then leads us to "Reflection", another deep with a euphoric melody. Markus ends Scream 2 with "Towards The Sun with Rex Mundi" an appropriate finale to a brilliant album.

Official “Scream 2” Release Parties:
Thursday February 6 - Sound, Los Angeles SOLD OUT
Friday February 7 - Mansion, Miami
Saturday February 8 - Pacha, New York City
Friday February 14 - The Gallery at Ministry of Sound, London

01. Markus Schulz - Reloaded
02. Markus Schulz with Venom One feat. Chris Madin - Revolution
03. Markus Schulz feat. Liz Primo - Blown Away
04. Markus Schulz - Remember This
05. Markus Schulz feat. Lady Vee - Erase You
06. Markus Schulz - Destino
07. Markus Schulz feat. Adina Butar - Muse
08. Markus Schulz - Dancing In The Key Of Life
09. Markus Schulz feat. Liz Spencer - Lord Knows
10. Markus Schulz with Klauss Goulart feat. Paul Aiden - Fireworks
11. Markus Schulz - In The Shadows
12. Markus Schulz feat. CeCe Penniston - Make You Fall
13. Markus Schulz - Mango
14. Markus Schulz - Mardi Gras
15. Markus Schulz feat. Amy Kirkpatrick - Gravity
16. Markus Schulz - Reflection
17. Markus Schulz & Rex Mundi - Towards The Sun

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