On April 5th the Palladium Nightclub in Chicago welcomed the “Unicorn Slayer” to grace their decks on what was a memorable night. With Markus about to take the stage, the crowd was already filled with glow wands, awaiting the presence of this trance legend. As the beautiful dancers took the stage in unicorn attire, and some in unicorn slayer attire, Markus made his appearance. The energy of the crowd was ecstatic; it’s a rarity that such a high caliber of trance rolls through Chicago. With the club at capacity, Markus did what he does best, and got the crowd moving in an instant.

As the illuminated walls pulsed to the beats of Schulz’s heavenly tunes, the crowd was literally in a state of trance. Playing older monster hits like “The New World,” and his newest masterpiece with Armin Van Buuren, “The Expedition,” not one person was to be standing still. It was honestly one of the fastest 3 hours sets I have ever witnessed it was literally that good. Other tracks dropped were the title track off his new album, “Scream” and “Caught.” Chicago was the first stop on his Scream Bus Tour, and not only did they welcome Markus with a sold out crowd, but I’m sure he didn’t expect the outfits of the dancers to be unicorns and unicorn slayers either. The vibe of the whole night was just magical and will be a club night that will be remembered for the ages.

Written by: Derek Bogseth

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