As part of the release package for his progressive hit "The City," the young French DJ and producer Madeon has included a liquid drum and bass remix of "Finale" by Netsky. The Belgian D'n'B' kingpin has long been known for his melodic take on drum and bass and fluid break beats. This remix of the progressive anthem brings a pleasant dose of chill to off-set the euphoric progressive qualities of "The City." If Madeon fans still haven't gotten their D'n'B' fix from these two pieces, they can also turn to the Fred V and Graffix remix of "Icarus," which received wild acclaim when Annie Mac dropped it on BBC Radio 1. Uplifting and dreamy in its fluidity, the re-work by Hospital Record's beloved duo has the dazzling quality of refracting light and a pounding beat to maintain a high level of energy.

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