Lollapalooza is looking to bring some fresh EDM blood to its Chicago festival, and has brought back its "Lolla Remix Throwdown" for 2012 to do so.

Entrants can submit their remixes of Lollapalooza artist Delta Spirit's single, "California", between now and June 24th for a chance to win some amazing prizes, including a chance to perform on stage at the festival. To get to the win, become one of three finalists picked by the judges, or get chosen as the "fan favorite" when voting opens up to the public between June 25th-29th. All finalists will compete head-on against each other in a live battle on July 28th in Chicago for an extensive prize package, including a spot at Lollapalooza as well as gifts from Red Bull, Sony, Albleton, and Dubspot Academy.

With an average of over 400 entries and 300,000+ votes, winning the Lolla Remix Throwdown is sure to propel any DJs career. Even the remaining finalists win some prizes, and every other entrant will get a chance to be heard by the voters online. This is a competition that's NOT to be missed. Find out more information on the Throwdown HERE.

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