Linkin Park has entered the EDM realm, thanks to a collaboration project with none other than the Dim Mak chief himself, Steve Aoki. As the sneak peak of the new song, “The Light That Never Comes” reveals, the track maintains an exuberant and dynamic vibe that both Linkin Park and Steve Aoki bring to the stage with every performance. The band’s signature dark piano chords immediately become apparent, but meld beautifully with Steve’s injection of EDM flavor. Not surprisingly, the infamous vocals of Chester Bennington sit immaculately on the break of an electro-heavy bass drop and lift the entire song a few feet above the clouds.

Tough collaborations between EDM artists and Rock Superstars are not uncommon; this particular fusion of sound goes beyond what Skrillex, Kill The Noise and Korn created on the track “Narcissistic Cannibal”. The new super track is the chemical reaction of two unmistakable elements from across the periodic table of music. Above all, the supreme quality of the track itself is beside the Linkin Park name and we affirm that very soon you’ll be subject to the skull-tingling drop in clubs and festivals all around the world.

Fans will be able to unlock the track once registered for Linkin Park's free-to-play game on Facebook, #LPRecharge, released on September 12th, 2013.

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