One of the truest statements of the year is that Big Gigantic has gotten bigger than gigantic. I remember back in early 2009 seeing Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken just starting out at the Fox Theater in Boulder, Colorado, which holds around 500 people. Now, these two are selling out huge shows and headlining festivals like Snowball Music Festival in Winter Park, Colorado this past weekend. They kicked off the first day with super sick beats and a raging crowd. It was really quite the sight to see all of Colorado unite for one of our favorite locals. We wanted more from Big G so we decided that we would do a quick little interview with them to get to know them a little bit better.


What does it feel like to headline one of Colorado’s biggest music festivals? Ahhh it's such an amazing feeling! We were part of the first ever Snowball a few years back, so it's a great feeling to be able to come back and headline

Big Gigantic is a very large range of different musical genres and styles. What are your guys’ backgrounds with music? Who or what have been your biggest inspirations? Our backgrounds, musically, include everything from jazz/funk/soul to the newest freshest electronic stuff coming out today. We are big fans as influenced by a lot if different music.

Can you all explain the dynamic of Big G? Like, what is it like to create a song—who does what? Well, I (Dominic) make all of the music but in the live setting Jeremy and I come together to try to create something even bigger and more special in the live setting

Since it has been a while since I’ve seen or spoken to you two I want to know what have been some of your biggest highlights of the past year or two? Dang there have been so many! Haha. Definitely headlining and selling out Red Rocks last fall was a big feat for us as well as playing some sick festivals like Bonnaroo, Lola, Outside Lands and ACL.

The Big Gigantic sound always seems to be changing. What new sound influences have you been dabbling in?Honestly anything and everything influences us. I think it's important to grow musically so we're always looking for new ways to grow, improve and be better musicians everyday. It's what keeps us going!

You guys are bigger than gigantic here in Colorado—What does it feel like to have such a strong presence in your guys’ hometown? It feels great!!! Haha. We just feel honored to have the support from our CO family. All of us came up together on this thing so we are just blessed to be a part of the CO scene and family out here

And beyond Colorado, you twos presence is huge everywhere else. How does it feel to have gained so much success? We feel blessed. It's an honor.

Any festivals or big shows you are looking forward to this summer? Psyched to be playing Hangout Festival, Summer Camp, Rowdytown II at Red Rocks this fall and a bunch of other cool festivals (that we haven't announced) this summer.

Are there any secrets we can get in on about upcoming announcements or new tunes? Just a little something, please! We're working on a new album and we're very excited about this one. Look for a release later in the fall

Lastly, this question is just for fun: what has been your craziest on tour moment—good or bad? Sooooo many awesome moments out here on the road. You gotta come and join us to find out what kinda madness we get into.. :)

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