Friday’s snowmageddon here on the east coast brought us 2 feet of snow and made traveling near impossible. Luckily, no blizzard could stop Chicago trio Krewella from bringing the heat at their Pacha debut for their “Get Wet or Die Trying” tour. Pacha was a packed house Friday night despite the weather conditions. Kids gladly risked frostbite standing in line just to spend the night with The Krew. Thankfully, Rain man, Yazzy, and Jahan warmed these kids up by dropping killer tracks and making standing still impossible.

Prior to their 1:30am set The Krew was hanging out on the mezzanine partying with their fans. Each one of them was super eager to get to know each one of the adoring individuals who couldn’t resist a photo op with their favorite trio. Despite their celebrity status, Krewella is incredibly down to earth and instantly make you feel like you are their new best friend. They were truly grateful to everyone who came out that night to show some love.

As Dotexe got the party started, the mounting anticipation from the crowd for The Krew to hit the decks could not be contained. The moment they dropped their first track the crowd turned up to 100 and couldn’t resist demonstrating their excitement for the trio’s arrival. Krewella came out with a bang and turned Pacha into a zoo. They bounced together in time as the mixed and dropped crowd pleasers like “Killin’ It” and “Alive”. They don’t lie when they say they “play hard” because these three turnt up so hard they killed the sound system, which is no easy feat at Pacha. As the show got back on track they brought the crowd back up to “touch the sky”, and held them in the palms of their hands for the rest of the night. Props to three of the most talented kids in EDM for giving a heart stopping show.

These bonafide rockstars are nothing to mess with. They’ll turn you upside down dropping hit after hit and show you exactly what being apart of The Krew really means. For those of you considering a transition to the Krewlife make sure you are ready to unleash at a moments notice, because Krewella’s take no prisoners attitude is a vigorous whirlwind of energy and a non stop party. As their journey to superstardom continues you can catch them at their first Ultra appearance next march and most major festivals this summer. Watching Krewella on the decks makes you wish they could “show you what it feels like” to be 20 years old and prime to take over the planet. If you haven’t caught them yet there is no doubt you will have many chances to because it is certain the trio has a very long career ahead of them. There really is no other group like Krewella.

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