Only days away from the release of their 'Haunted House EP,' Knife Party has given us a taste of what to expect from this highly-anticipated, massive release. As you can probably assume from the track's title, "EDM Death Machine" embodies the kind of blood-rushing electronic flurry that has made the duo's productions famous (defined by what Knife Party has coined "Seizure Music"). This track shows that they have no intention of straying from their fundamental sound that they use to get crowds hyped everywhere. "EDM Death Machine" presents what the future holds to its listeners. The world will be inhabited by robots with the human race extinct, as all of humankind's greatest achievements (including the invention of the Harlem Shake) will be erased from existence. Apparently at this time, no one will even know that "Bitches Love Cake." Could you even fathom such horrible things? Well anyway, this track will certainly get you ready for the robot apocalypse. At least we have the May 6th release of the 'Haunted House EP' to look forward to before the beginning of the end. Check out "EDM Death Machine" above!