AMC's hit television show The Walking Dead has established itself as TV's most watched program. Last night, EDM made its way into the post-apocalyptic world of the show. For those who are unfamiliar with the show, it focuses on a group of survivors in the zombie apocalypse, who are currently in a safe (or so it seems), walled community. When the town's power goes out, a handful of people must voyage out into the unsafe outside world to retrieve micro-inverters that will restore the community's power from a local factory. When one member of the group pulls up with the van they will use to get there, it is blasting Knife Party's breakout track "Internet Friends."

Later in the episode, one of the members also blasts the Knife Party anthem from the van again to draw a group of zombies away from a few trapped members of the group. On The Talking Dead (the show which follows The Walking Dead on AMC, which break downs and analyzes each episode of the show), host Chris Hardwick jokes that "unfortunately, dubstep survived the apocalypse." He went on to add that "dubstep would attract walkers for miles."

The fact that a group like Knife Party was featured on television's most watched show is a testament to the growth of EDM since its emergence. When "Internet Friends" was released in 2012, an EDM festival or show was the only place you would hear Knife Party. Now, the genre has infiltrated mainstream television. "Internet Friends" was featured on Knife Party's 100% No Modern Talking EP. You can pick up the release on iTunes, and listen to "Internet Friends" below.

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