He’s a resident headliner at both the lucrative Louis and White Room clubs in America’s dance music capital, Miami—and he didn’t get there by having an average ear for music. Obi Tawil, also known as DJ Damaged Goods, has a knack for knowing what will sound great with what, no matter how crazy his ideas seem to mortal ears. Nobody else would think to play MGMT, Ellie Goulding, Soulja Boy, and Jakwob within the same set—yet it works, every single time. The same can be said of his remixes; listen to his latest take on Kaskade’s “Llove” and you’ll see what we mean. Tawil loads up the beat and adds some energy-ramping buildups to the original melodies and Haley’s delicate vocals to create a big-room sound. Download it for free on Damaged Good’s Soundcloud and Like his Facebook page to discover new songs by this South Florida mix-master.

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