You know him from his tropical-house remix of Tracy Chapman's 1988 Grammy-award-winning acoustic single "Fast Car", and now he's back at it again with an original smash. London's Jonas Blue released his new JP Cooper collaboration "Perfect Strangers" through Capital Records, and aimed to evolve his sound. "Fast Car" was a faster tune with a more relaxed, melodic feel, where "Perfect Strangers" is a slower tune, tapping in at 118 BPM where Fast Car was 124, and relying on its driving brass-bassline. You know who else was starry-eyed at Jonas's new sound? You guessed it.

blue insta

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If you're a fan of "This Girl" by Kungs Vs. Cookin' On 3 Burners, then you're in for a treat with "Perfect Strangers." Check out the track below:


Jonas Blue - North American Tour Dates
6/15 - Washington, DC @ Soundcheck
6/16 - Boston, MA @ Tunnel
6/17 - New York, NY @ Up and Down (Downstairs)
6/18 - Montreal, QC @ New City Gas Terrace
6/19 - Buffalo, NY @ Canalside @ Kiss The Summer Hello 2016


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