Last month, we saw the collaboration from legendary French producer and composer Jean-Michel Jarre and Gesaffelstein, "Conquistador." Their resulting concoction is a brilliant mixture of both artists, as each of their inputs are clearly on display for listeners. “Conquistador” is Jarre’s first original work since 2007, and is the first full track from his forthcoming studio album. The track is now available exclusively via Beatport as part of a special three-track package that also includes two remixes of the track from Jarre.

Now, Jean-Michel Jarre has announced two additional big name collaborations that will be released on June 19. The first comes alongside Tangerine Dream for "Zero Gravity," a track dedicated to the only continuous member of the group, Edgar Froese, who passed away in January of 2015. You can stream the track above.

The second collaboration is "Watching You," alongside 3D of the group Massive Attack. This track, which you can stream below, also earned a trance-infused makeover from Above & Beyond. "For me, Jean-Michel Jarre is one of the founding fathers of electronic music. His music has always been sonically and musically creative, so when I first heard his music as kid it was one of the main things that inspired me to want to make electronic music," says Jono of Above & Beyond. "It was an honour to work with these two legends of electronica on our remix of “Zero Gravity" - the idea was to draw on the early influences from their music combined with ideas from the track itself, and then inject some Above & Beyond into the mix." You can also stream the Above & Beyond mix below.

Jean-Michel Jarre will be releasing 1000 special edition vinyls of these two new tracks, plus his track with Gesaffelstein, "Conquistador," via The Vinyl Factory.