Hearts are heavy in the electronic music community, as we’ve lost one of our most talented members. Peter Rauhofer came onto the dance music scene over 20 years ago, moving to NYC from his homeland Austria in 1995. Performing under the “Club 69” moniker, Rauhofer championed the New York underground scene and soon became as prolific in New York as he was around the planet. Over his long career he did remixes from everyone from Madonna to Swedish House Mafia, breathing new life even into the greatest of hits. In 2000, he won a Grammy for his remix of Cher’s “Believe.” Beyond the dance floor Rauhofer was an idol of the LGBT community, frequently participating in Gay Pride events and was a staple of New York’s Gay community. The Star 69 label founder produced, remixed, and performed right up until the end. His untimely passing at 48-years old is a true tragedy for the dance community and his pioneering spirit will not be forgotten. However, Peter lives eternally through the music he has graced the world with, so we decided to honor his life with a Spotify playlist of his music. Check out the playlist below, and remember a dance music icon.

Rest in peace, Peter Rauhofer - April 29, 1965 to May 7, 2013.