III Points has partnered with 10K Islands in Little Haiti to present their first ever compilation project, Swerving Serpents Vol.1. A community-wide music project aiming to connect (thoughts, people, ideas, communities), the compilation was created to represent a submerged music scene.  Miami’s local artists are often under represented and lacking the platform to connect. This project, led by III Points and 10K Islands, aims to bring these sonic gems together and raise their sounds to the surface and into the light. III Points mission is to elevate our Miami, and this is just another way in engaging our music scene.

Collectively they have chosen nine local acts from different worlds and genres, and paired them up in 10K Islands Little Haiti studio to get creative. All of the selected artists are playing III Points Festival in October. The artists were given 48 hours in a state of the art music studio and total creative freedom. What comes from these collaborations is something unexpectedly rare and weirdly cohesive. With a proper mix and master from 10K Islands, both teams hope to create a compilation that sparks the collaborative spirit of Miami’s diverse talent. 

You can also catch the tracks live at the Swerving Serpents release party at Bardot on Thursday, September 29th.

RSVP here.

Check out all four tracks below:

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