Identity festival kicked off weekend 3 with an absolute bang yesterday in Atlanta. While the heat was on, fans still bombarded the Rockstar festival stage early in the morning to see local favorites, (members of the "Fuck Yes") team, curated by festival resident, Le Castle Vania. Soon enough, the iHome main stage opened up to the stylings of Audrey Napoleon. Throughout the day fans flocked back and forth between the two stages hear their favorite tracks provided by the Static Revenger, Stephan Jacobs, The Eye, Eva Simmons + Jam3s K3nn3dy and many more.

While some afternoon rain slowed down the Rockstar Stage in the later afternoon, it wasn't able to stop the festival debut of dubstep legend Doctor P. Most of the attendance withstood the rain to enjoy the fabulous mixing talent of the English superstar. However, due to inclement weather, the stage had to be shut down. Back on the iHome stage (safely in an amphitheater shed), Madeon was throwing down a more experimental set than usual, playing older favorites like "The Island" to see how they would be received.

Following Madeon, Wolfgang Gartner took to the stand playing an intricate set of his own production and remixes. The crowd went absolutely bananas for his unique track "Menage a Trios." Following him, Le Castle Vania had a headlining changeover set in his own town. The Atlanta local took to the stage playing his new track "Nobody Gets Out Alive," to which fans went wild. Right at home, Le Castle Vania took his fans on an albeit short but very eclectic journey through his music before headliner Eric Prydz took to the stage.

Delivering another out-of-the-park knockout set, Prydz had the crowd dancing on their feet the whole time. He graced Atlanta with a new production he has been playing for the last few shows, a super groovy track with a highly original hook and progression. As usual, Pryda left the fans chanting "One More Song" as the crew packed up.

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