If you haven't heard of the legendary Miami nightclub, Mansion, then where have you been all these years? No worries... now you can go to the brand new Mansion 360. The renovations were revealed last weekend, unveiling multi million dollars worth of advancements. It is now the most technologically advanced nightclub in North America, perfectly suited for the upscale party atmosphere of Miami. Arena quality lighting, upgraded high fidelity Funktion 1 sound system, and advancements pulled from the best concert set ups from around the world worthy of Deadmau5's approval and the city of Miami Beach to proclaim Saturday January 21st "Mansion Day."

The DJ booth is situated in the middle of the club as part of Mansion's "360 Effect" where partiers can experience the show from any location in the club. Every surface inside has LED capability. "Mansion's newly configured sound system is an ideal balance between accuracy in reproduction and high energy output," said Funktion One/Sound Investment's Todd Konecny.

Clubgoers can feel posh surrounded by glossy lacquered woodwork, animal print couches, and fuchsia chandeliers, all coordinated to complement Mansion's new lighting set up. With the recent obsession with dance music and producers being rebranded as the new rockstars, Mansion has upped the caliber for club environments with its innovations, especially in time for the upcoming Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival crowd.

Afrojack, The Rapture, and Fischer Spooner are just a few of the upcoming acts to perform for lucky electro heads soaking in the sound from all 360 degrees.

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