You may not know the name Honor, but her story is one that music fans must hear. When she lost a USB stick on a train in London, it was found by a popular YouTube host named LukeIsNotSexy, who tracked down the young artist after hearing her music, thanks to the help of his 500,000 subscribers, as well as a Facebook page and a hashtag #NameThatGirl that even started trending on Twitter. Now that Honor has been found, the world has heard her debut single, "Never Off," which you can watch the video for above.

Now, the single has received remixes from PANG!, Florian Picasso, Tom Middleton and Wafemi. Swedish production duo PANG!, who are fresh off their remix of David Guetta's "What I Did For Love," put their signature touch on the track, giving it a mellow house-y touch. Florian Picasso transforms "Never Off" into a track that is built for the sound systems of the world's biggest EDM festivals. It's pulsing beat supplies the energy to get crowds moving, while showcasing Florian Picasso's fine production skills. Tom Middleton, who is widely recognized as a pioneer of the electronic music genre having served as a composer, DJ, remixer and more throughout his 25 years of industry experience, also contributes a remix. With its shiny melody and uplifting key progressions, Middleton turns "Never Off" into a beautiful dance creation that is fit for radio play. Finally, Wafemi provides the most unique remix of the bunch, giving the track a techno-y, futuristic sound that's perfect for turning up or turning down. Check out all four reworkings of "Never Off" below!