elektro sat down with rising star Florian Picasso who's getting support from the headliners while crafting his unique sound straight out of Cannes & Geneva!

Alright, so to those who don't know you, please introduce yourself:

I'm Florian Picasso, I've been producing for a few years now and my hard work is finally starting to pay off, here's my introductory video:

You may have heard my music played out by Kaskade during his Atmosphere Tour.

What's been your favorite gig to date?

Definitely Wall in Miami where I opened up for Tim Mason.

If you were to give 5 tips to Florian at 18 years old, what would they be?

Don't be too cocky. Take advice from people who are trying to help you. Listen to other people's music for reference and live your dream to the fullest because it's a blessing and a privilege to be able to follow your passion when certain people are in a cubicle doing work they hate. I'm saying this because Paul Baümer passed away and a tragedy like that really makes us realize we can have everything today and nothing tomorrow, and to let that motivate us

Are we going to see you at this year's WMC?

Yes I have a couple of gigs that are in the works but you'll definitely see me at some venues and pool parties.

Tell us the story behind your name.

I'm Pablo Picasso's great grandson by adoption. It's funny because usually when people find out they're like "oh, that's impossible" because I'm asian or they're like "I didn't know Picasso was asian!" Haha that's not the case, it's because I was adopted.

What nationality are you by birth?

By birth I'm from vietnam but by nationality I'm french.

What softwares & vsts are you using?

I used to work on Ableton but I switched to FL studio because it suits by workflow better. That's because in FL you have more sequencers and pattern generators so if you like to jam before getting into production, FL is for you. I like Sylenth, Massive, Nexus, Omnisphere. I also like FabFilter but I can't give away by secret sauce haha

Tell us about how the US market for EDM differs from the market in France, Geneva and Europe in general.

It's very different. In Europe and France if you're not on the "A-list" you don't get as much credit or shine but in the US theres a market for everybody. It's hard to get a booking or a gig in France if you don't have a major hit. I think it's because France is a lot smaller than the US so they just want to have the favorites. It's a lot easier to grow your music in the US.

What remixes or collaborations can we expect from you in 2014?

I'm about to drop some big news. This is an exclusive announcement for Elektro Mag! I'm releasing a collaboration with this amazing producer who's only 17 and he did a remix for Center of the Universe, his name is Blinders. We have a lot of stuff in the pipeline. We're playing a gig in France together then we're gonna finish this upcoming track in the studio. It's gonna be massive!

Thanks for doing the interview, Florian! We expect huge moves from you in 2014.

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Interview by Mark Wolf