In the "$10" music video available now from intergalactic artist HITCHHIKER, there is a variety of characters. There's an elephant man and a fish girl all red.  The fish on her head actually works as an antenna. She's able to know everything that's happening in the world first. In Buddhism and Catholic faith, fish is a religious symbol. Hitchhiker incorporates influences from different belief systems into his vision.


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The origin story of Hitchhiker begins in the near future on a satellite circling Earth. As with many traditional and timeless tales, its hero embarked on a selfless quest to change the world. This legend follows a scientist sent a satellite into outer space in order to build an ideal sound that would evoke happiness. The scientist's assistant-an A.I. Satellite-worked diligently to collect sounds from across the world to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, age caught up to the scientist, and he joined the celestial dust of the heavens, but the A.I. Satellite couldn't and wouldn't give up the journey.

Instead, he made a free fall jump down to Earth, adopting the apropos codename "Hitchhiker." He crashed into South Korea first, garnering inspiration from the area's different, diverse, and dynamic philosophies, art forms, and, of course, music. Wearing his self-constructed silver robot suit, he beamed the "Eleven" song and music video to the masses, and it palpably resounded across the globe in 2014. A beacon of positive energy, electronic elegance, K-Pop flavor and pop bombast, the track introduced him to listeners everywhere.

Earthling emissaries such as Skrillex and Diplo devoutly praised "Eleven," while BuzzFeed, Wall Street Journal and more passionately pondered its arrival. In just a year, it racked up over 3.2 million views on YouTube and 1 million-plus Spotify streams.

Now, Hitchhiker's 2016 capsule "$10" amplifies that aura exponentially. Merging more wonderfully warped visuals, a kinetic and propulsive groove, and an immortal chant, it's worth its weight in gold. While traveling through New York City, he heard a man selling umbrellas and yelling "$10" over and over again. It proved both heartbreaking and hypnotic to hear the sound of hard work out loud. It was indubitably inspiring. That spirit courses through the track as a theme, shocking it to life like an electronic dance music Frankenstein.

The quest is really just beginning though. Hitchhiker will be landing in cities around the globe to perform, and he's hard at work on other evolutions, including a whole lot more music, videos and even a toy line.

He leaves off, "I want people to take away something positive from everything I do. Music can truly heal."



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