Four years after releasing his wave-making debut album “GO," in the perfecting, Italian trance authority, Giuseppe Ottaviani returns this month with his highly anticipated follow-up “Magenta." Featuring incredible collaborations with other trance heavy-hitters such as Ferry Corsten and Aly & Fila, as well as melodic vocals by the likes of Eric Lumiere, Audrey Gallagher, and Seri, the album solidifies Ottaviani’s position as the innovative trance kingpin. Available for pre-order here, through Black Hole Recordings, “Magenta” gives us 15 powerful new tracks from Giuseppe, who explains the concept behind the album’s and its title by saying that “the color Magenta represents universal love at its highest level. The album is exactly that, music intended to promote the very same essence the color does.”

The album’s lead single, “Love Will Bring It All Around," has already been lauded as a massive tune in the realm of trance-progressive, having even been selected as Armin van Buuren’s Tune of the Week on ASOT 608 and Single of the Month for dance press outlets all over the world. Instead of serving as the sole hit of the album, other tracks on “Magenta” are well-orchestrated progressive trance jams that will keep you dancing the whole night through. On “Stars” Giuseppe supplies the track with one of his trademark high-octane ferocity, counterbalanced perfectly by Swedish starlet Linnea Schössow’s spellbinding vocal arc that stretches to the heavens. Deeper into the album Ottaviani demonstrates that vocal lightning can strike twice as he re-teams with two of his ‘GO!’ album alumni. Stephen Pickup’s vocal on ‘Illusion’ fleetingly splices a rock-ish gene into the album. Backed by Giuseppe’s miasma-like harmonics meanwhile, Faith’s entrancing turn on ‘Nothing Wrong’ burns up the room. Giuseppe Ottaviani’s collabs with his trance peers prove themselves to be the result of a clash of trance titans of epic proportions. Uniting the atomising studio personas of Aly & Fila and Giuseppe Ottaviani, ‘Brilliant People’ uses beatific, ever-shifting female harmonics to dizzying effect. The album’s closeout sees Ferry Corsten & Giuseppe collectively use symphonic strings and crowd-igniting pitch-bends, artfully interplayed with melodic redolence and air-slicing synths to fashion the infectious future anthem ‘Magenta.' Make sure to pre-order Giuseppe Ottaviani’s latest triumph in trance before its available everywhere on May 27th!


01. Rush (feat. Lo-Fi Sugar)

02. Love Will Bring It All Around (with Eric Lumiere)

03. Stars (feat. Linnea Schössow)

04. Illusion (feat. Stephen Pickup)

05. Cold Flame

06. Gave Me (feat. Seri)

07. I Am Your Shadow (with Audiocells feat. Shannon Hurley)

08. Nothing Wrong (feat. Faith)

09. Feel The Music

10. Heal This Empty Heart (feat. Alana Aldea)

11. Waterpark

12. Waiting On Someday (feat. Vitamin B)

13. Brilliant People (with Aly & Fila)

14. Walk This World With Me (feat. Audrey Gallagher)

15. Magenta (with Ferry Corsten)

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