Gucci Vump is a new project from the minds of Brodinski and Guillaume (The Shoes). The French duo's latest project and subsequent mixtape, which was just released, is unique in structure, rhythm and vocals.

Its a mix to sit back, drink a glass of whiskey, and chill out to whilst listening to.

Keep them on your radar for 2012.


0'00    Melody
1'00    Five-Dollar Bill
2'44    DPRSSN
4'40    Drink Drank Drunk
6'55    Down
8'35    What U Do 2 Me
11'08  I Wanna Know
13'21  Switch feat Andrea Martin - I Still Love You - Guxxi Vump Remix
18'03  Yes / No
19'39  Love Is a Thankless Dog
22'39  That's what you said
26'41 If u Scared, Say U Scared (Interlude)
28'15  House of Stone
30'38  It's All Good (Interlude)
31'35 Jealousy

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