GRiZ has established himself the leader of the electro-funk world. With each release, he is taking things to the next level, expanding the boundaries of his sound and further bridging the classic funk and electronic music worlds. His newest single, "The Anthem," just might be his most impressive work to date.

Grant Kwiecinski (aka GRiZ) showcases his incredible talent on the single, providing not just his production skills, but the track's saxophone (of course), guitar and bass as well. However, he also sought the help of Chris Karns on the scratching, Kevin of the group Sunsquabi on the guitar solo, and Mike Avery and a children's choir to provide the vocals — a total group effort orchestrated by GRiZ. The single will be featured on GRiZ's forthcoming album Say It Loud, set for release in March via All Good Records.

GRiZ talks about the making of the release, saying, "For this record, I first went out to New York to record with some of the Daptone Records guys to get the main groove of the tune. Then I had to travel out to Van Nyus to record a children's choir, which was the most nerve racking thing I have done in my entire life! Having a group of 7-11 year olds sing your song is quite the feeling. I then finished up the song with Mike Avery in Chicago. He was one super soulful dude and really captured the Golden Era funk vibes that I love so much."

The release of this track comes on the heels of GRiZ's announcement of the biggest show of his life. On September 4, GRiZ will be headlining Red Rocks with fellow All Good Records label-mates the Floozies and Manic Focus. Sunsquabi and Muzzy Bear will also be opening. Get your tickets now!