Miami Music Week is all about partying. With so many great events going on, how can anyone have time for sticking to your normal workout routine? However, Kaskade wants to help Music Week goers stay healthy and fit.

Kaskade has extended an invite to his fans in Miami for the biggest week of the dance music year to go for a run with the superstar DJ-producer. This comes nearly a year after Kaskade introduced his unique "Spark Run," a 5K run with glow sticks, LEDs and an afterparty at the run's finish with a performance by Kaskade himself, which took place in Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago, Charlotte and Washington D.C.. Now, Kaskade is continuing his theme of doing something positive and healthy with his fans.

Kaskade invited fans looking to squeeze a workout into their Miami Music Week itineraries via his Facebook. Check out the post below.

So if you're in Miami, don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to exercise with one of the dance music world's biggest names. Plus, you'll probably need to sweat out all of the toxins in your body after indulging in Miami's party-friendly atmosphere and dancing the night away at some of Music Week's incredible events.

#MIAMI!! This Friday 03/27 I'm going for a run. I want you to join me. Just for fun - no $$ no tickets no scalpers no...

Posted by Kaskade on Tuesday, March 24, 2015