Gareth Emery’s first track premiered 10 years ago after it was created on a laptop over a 2-week period. The undisputed talent of the British producer has led him to sit in the highest regards of Armin Van Buuren and Ferry Corsten. Having founded and completely owning his own label Garuda, Emery continues to release his stylistic house, trance, and progressive fusion he has made famous. His newest track is a call to arms for all those heading down to Miami in less than a month. “Meet Her In Miami” is a track Gareth based off one of his personal favorites, “Meet Her At The Love Parade” by Da Hool. His original intention was not to release it, but due to popular demand after throwing it into his live sets, Emery has released the party track just in time to fall in love with it before his Ultra set. “Meet Her in Miami” is a hypnotic progressive house track with a melody that will be lodged into your head before you’ve listened start to finish. This track is the perfect tune to throw back some mimosas to and bounce around under that tropical sun, so pick up the track on Beatport here.

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