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I believe most people will agree and say Gareth Emery and Michael Woods at Governors Island was one of the weekend’s best events. We boarded the ferry about 6:45 with hundreds of members of the trance family and two black SUV’s. It was not until we arrived to the island for someone to point out the trucks were Gareth and Michael’s, although there was still enough time for one girl to hand Gareth a candy bracelet with of course “Trace Family” written on it.

As we walked toward the venue from the ferry, it was obvious the tent was full of fans that had been dancing for hours already at that point. Ben Gold really pleased everyone with his euphoric trance set specifically with songs of his own such as Amplified and Tom Fall’s remix of “Fall With Me.” He had the crowd singing along to W&W remix of “Waiting,” but they were really belting Dash Berlin’s remix of Hardwell’s “Apollo.” After Ben Gold closed out his set with Audien’s “Wayfarer” he stuck around to say hi to the fans and listen to some Gareth Emery’s set from side stage.

We were really impressed with the diversity of Gareth Emery’s set; he managed to include various genres of EDM into his two and a half hour set. No matter what your preferred style of music was, anyone had to have enjoyed this set. Dominated with electro beats and trance melodies, Gareth managed to include songs such as W&W’s remix to “This is What it Feels Like,” Tiesto’s “Maximal Crazy” and John Martin’s new vocals to Sebastian Ingrosso and Tommy Trash’s “Reload.” We were not surprised but very delighted at the end of his set when he finally dropped “Concrete Angel.” Similar to Ben Gold, Gareth stopped on the side after to have photographs taken with eager fans although he didn’t stay long for he had to prepare for his after party at Pacha NYC later that night.

Finally to end the night, Michael Woods played an amazing set full of trance, progressive house and electro. We couldn’t be happier when he dropped Kaskade’s newest single , “Atmosphere.” He closed out his set with a remix to Daft Punk’s song “Around the World,” leaving everyone very satisfied.

Of course, RPM and Pacha’s production put the icing on the cake complete with dancers, an aerial ribbon performer and jumbo red white and blue balloon drop, perfect for our indepenDANCE weekend.

Written by: Brittany Drygas

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