So how is tour treating you, you’ve been traveling the world, what has that been like?

MICHAEL: It’s been kinda hectic! Like to give an example I’ve been going non-stop since last Thursday had a show at Hakkasan Vegas, had to leave there straight to the airport to go to Miami, to perform with Cedric (Gervais), and that lasted all night, it was literally straight to the airport here today to do this here to do Governor’s Island, so and then tomorrow is another early flight to Los Angeles, um and then back to Vegas! So this is like pretty much relentless, I mean it’s just like non-stop!
Just one side of the country and back and forth!

MICHAEL: It’s crazy!

We’ve really been enjoying this new song of yours. “In your arms” with Lauren Dyson.

MICHAEL: Yes, thank you.

How did “In Your Arms” come to be created, did you approach Lauren, did she come to you?

MICHAEL: I actually approached her manager cause I worked with him, His names Darren Bennet, I worked with him last like in the past like 15 years ago when I first started out and I was just looking for a vocalist and I thought why not use him cause I released a record “close to the edge” and his wife actually did the vocals for that that and it was really good, it went to radio one and pop charts? So I thought go to a trusted source. Went to him and he said check this chick out she’s really good and I checked out her soundcloud which sounded great. She wrote the first verse and the chorus and I thought “wow! This actually sounds really good!” I mean even the lyrics are really cool.

Yes the lyrics are really moving! Very touching.

MICHAEL: So actually the song came about, all the instrumental in fact, was because I was doing a track for Madonna like a production track for Madonna, and I just missed the deadline, being on tour and stuff. And I thought why let that track go to waste, let me use it for myself? So that was the bit that was the instrumental, that is what I sent Lauren, and she wrote over it. And that’s how it came about.

Perfect! Well I hope it becomes a big one for you, it’s fantastic! Very Catchy!

MICHAEL: Cheers!

So in terms of like peers in the industry is there someone that you look to as a role model?

MICHAEL: Like anyone who’s successful really. I mean I actually get on really well with Calvin Harris. I’ve done loads of tours with him over the years and we both play at Hakkasan in Las Vegas and so you know he’s got his stuff together you know he clearly knows what he’s doing. I just look to people like that. Anyone who is kind of at the top of their game. It’s just about dedication and hard work. So that’s what I take from them.

Excellent, is there someone you would like to collaborate with, a producer, a singer, someone who is already popular or upcoming?

MICHAEL: Yea! I’d love to collaborate with a chick by the name Sinead Harnett. She did a track called “Baby” with Rudimental one of my favorite tracks. Also, Neo, in fact, I’ve worked with him on a track for Shakira a while back and man, that guy is incredible; his song writing ability, his vocal is insane so I’m trying to get a collaboration going with him so hopefully that’ll happen this year.
I hope that works out for you! Rudimental is another electronic artist, is there any non-electronic artist that you’re grooving to these days?

MICHAEL: Let me think. I used to love Dr. Dre. That counts as non-electronic. Used to love his 2001 album.

Is there a personal quote that you happen to live by? A Personal motto?

MICHAEL: Ya know, cause I tour so much I’m always like DJing and traveling and all that kind of stuff I don’t really get to sleep a lot. People say to me ‘How do you do it? How do you sleep?’ and I say to them “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” that’s my favorite to say to people. It seems to stick.

That’s New York’s motto too. You should just come stay with us in NY all the time. City that never sleeps.

MICHAEL: What? Rock N Roll 24 Hours? Done!

Characteristic not so serious questions for Elektro. Favorite Tequila, Anejo, Reposado, or Blanco?

MICHAEL: Reposado! Absolutely.

Crossfit, ParCore, P90X, Insanity, Yoga, Pilates?

MICHAEL: P90X Yea, I done that one. I tried Insanity and I just lost too much weight. I actually find it really hard to put on weight I have to stay away from that. But P90X is pretty cool because you can use heavy weights. It’s really difficult with my schedule. I try to go to the gym 3 times a week and I try go jogging as well. P90x is perfect cause you can do it in your hotel room. And that’s what you need when you’re always on the road!

Interview with Michael Woods by Sarah Tickal.

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